Stacklet SolusVM Templates for Xen PV

The SolusVM templates on this site can be deployed to a SolusVM master. They are intended to run under Xen Paravirtualization (PV).

Things to remember:

  • Download the templates to your master node
  • Use the Templates:Add:Xen menu to define the template in the control panel (CP)
  • Use the Templates:Template Sync menu to distribute to the slaves
  • We recommend matching the architecture of the template, kernel and hardware. In other words, run 64-bit templates with a 64-bit kernel on 64-bit hardware and run 32-bit templates with a 32-bit kernel on 32-bit hardware.

Regarding the last point, some people prefer to run 32-bit templates on 64-bit hardware to save RAM. While this is possible it is highly recommended that you use a 32-bit kernel in this case by overriding the solus default kernel.

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